School-conference of young  scientists « Modern material science: physics, chemistry, technology» (MMSPCT-2019)27 - 31 May 2019, Uzhgorod, Ukraine

The school-conference of young  scientists " Modern material science: physics, chemistry, technology" (27-31 May 2019, Uzhgorod, Ukraine) (MMS’ 2019) is held on the initial of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine with the aim of informing of young scientists about the latest achievements in the field of obtaining, studying and application of new materials, nanosized systems and nanomaterials. The conference will allow the exchange of information and discuss new results and will include the most important fundamental, applied and  technological aspects of the problem. At the school-conference MMS’ 2019 will be held satellite conference of the  project ACCELERATE of H2020 program.

The school-conference is held with the financial support of the NAS of Ukraine and of the project ACCELERATE of HORIZON 2020 program.

Program of school-conference:

-Invited lectures by leading Ukrainian and European scientists in the field of physics, chemistry and technology of new functional materials

-Oral reports of young researchers

-Posters sessions

Young scientists, post-graduate students and students are invited to participate in the school-conference (without organizational and publication fees).

A variety of cultural and entertainment activities and excursions (free of charge) will promote personal acquaintance with colleagues by profession and the possibility of wider scientific discussions.


15.04.2019 Registration

05.05.2019 The deadline for submission of abstracts

27.05. 2019 Registration of the participants of the school-conference

27.05. 2019 The beginning of the school-conference

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